Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Director's Monthly Report for July 2016

Telephone Calls - 25,141
Fire Incidents - 983
EMS Incidents - 3,292
Police Incidents - 35,153

Voice Radio Project:
-Harris crews have completed all mobile radio installs and all control station installs.  EF Johnson decommissioning is complete.  Harris is working on clean-up items related to radio programming and install work.  Final System Acceptance is expected by the end of the year.
-Issues with multi-band radio programming are being resolved prior to large-scale deployment
-We are 41 months (89%) into the 46 month Implementation Phase.  About 99% of the project implementation schedule has been completed.  So far we have spent $36,761,838 (82%) of the $45,000,000 total project budget.

New CAD System:
-User training is on-going, be sure to sign up ( A majority of fire stations have not submitted the necessary information for station printing to be set up.
-Installation for the Mobile Data project are ongoing.  So far 533 of 555 (96%) have been installed.  MPS is being installed by County staff.  Mobile Data routers are being activated in advance of the MPS install, including agency-owned units.
-CAD and Mobile Data Cutover will take place on 23 August 2016 at 10AM.

Public Safety Training Campus:
-Last month we hosted 2,487 people at 84 events in the Academic Building.  Last month we hosted 19 training sessions in the Tactical Village for a YTD total of 116
-A recommendation to award bids for construction of the Law Enforcement Firing Range has been sent to the Commissioners for their consideration at the July 12 Sunshine and July 14 Commissioners meetings. The original anticipated cost for construction was $9.7M.  The new budget is $16.5M includes construction cost escalation, additional site work, and adding 107 parking spaces at the Academic Building.

SE PA Regional Task Force:
The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) conducted an audit of FFY2013 to FFY2015 grants.  Two minor issues were identified; one related to the previous fiscal agency, Public Health Management Corporation, and one related to money not being deposited in a separate interest-bearing account.  Both issues will be corrected.

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