Monday, September 12, 2016

Director's Monthly Report for August, 2016

Telephone Calls - 24,704
Fire Incidents - 946
EMS Incidents - 3419
Police Incidents - 33,985

Voice Radio Project:
-Harris is working on clean-up items related to radio programming and install work.  Second touch programming is underway.  Final System Acceptance is expected by the end of October.
-Harris continues to research the root cause of the speaker microphone issue.  Issues with multi-band radio programming are being resolved prior to large-scale deployment
-We are 42 months (91%) into the 46 month Implementation Phase.  About 99% of the project implementation schedule has been completed.  So far we have spent $37,044,354 (86%) of the $45,000,000 total project budget.

New CAD Project:
-Cutover to live operations took place on 23 August, as planned.  While the process was note without challenges, it was an overwhelming success.
-Technical issues and questions should be directed to the Help Desk.  Operational or procedural issues and questions should be directed to the appropriate discipline Deputy Director.  Suggestions for improvement of the product should be given to the Associations.
-Reassessment will take place in October and November so it's important to submit ideas for improvement

Public Safety Training Campus:
-Last month we hosted 1,942 people at 85 events in the Academic Building.  Last month we hosted 15 training sessions in the Tactical Village for a YTD total of 141.
-Facilities hosted a pre-construction meeting with all contractors for the Law Enforcement Firing Range.  The notice to proceed will be issued on 6 September.  The project schedule is 14 months from notice to proceed.

SE PA Regional Task Force:
The Octorara School District received 28 cylindrical concrete bollards for installing at various buildings to improve safety.

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