Thursday, June 2, 2016

Director's Monthly Report for May, 2016

Telephone Calls - 23,032
Fire Incidents - 763
EMS Incidents - 3,364
Police Incidents - 33,899

Voice Radio Project:
-Harris has completed 93% of mobile installs and 83% of control station installs.  Harris will have all installation efforts completed by 30 June.
-EF Johnson decommissioning has begun.  Channel 6 has been activated in the East/Central cell.  Two multi-band radios with Lancaster trunked programming have been deployed for beta testing and to verify programing settings prior to a larger deployment.
-We are 39 months (95%) into the 41 month Implementation Phase.  About 98% of the project implementation tasks have been completed.  So far we have spend $32,822,369 (73%) of the $45,000,000 total project budget.

New CAD System:
-The Computer Aided Dispatch System (CADS) and Mobile for Public Safety (MPS) have been placed in system freeze.  Train-the-Trainer sessions for County telecommunicators are underway.  Training for responders will take place in July and August. Sign-ups are available through the Training website.
-Installations for the Mobile Data project are on-going.  So far 450 of 655 (69%) have been installed.  MPS is being installed by County staff.  Mobile Data routers are being activated in advance of the MPS install, including agency-owned units.
-CAD and Mobile Data Cutover is targeted for 23 August 2016.

Public Safety Training Campus:
-Last month we hosted 2,647 people at 108 events in the Academic Building.  Last month we hosted 33 training sessions in the Tactical Village for a YTD total of 97.
-Facilities, Procurement and Manns Woodward are reviewing the received construction bids for the Law Enforcement Firing Range.

Southeastern PA Regional Task Force:
-Seventy turbo flare kits were issued to Fire Police with each agency receiving 12 LED flares.

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