Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Director's Monthlly Report for August 2015

Telephone Calls - 24,332
Fire Incidents - 802
EMS Incidents - 3,272
Law Enforcement Incidents - 29,738

Voice Radio Project:
-Functional Acceptance Testing has been completed.  All 55 test elements were exactly as expected from the test plan thus confirming that the system infrastructure was installed as specified in the design.  We did find two infrastructure equipment issues, a power supply and a GPS receiver, but both were immediately resolved and the test elements were completed exactly according to plan.  Other minor punch list items include labeling of some cables and aesthetics of shelter buildings
-Coverage Acceptance Testing will take place beginning 1 September and last most of the month.  Cutover is scheduled for 4 January 2016 with all emergency responders operational on the system scheduled by 21 April 2016.
-We are 30 months (79%) into the 38 month Implementation Phase.  About 91% of the project implementation tasks have been completed.  So far we have spent $28,347,676 (63%) of the $45,000,000 total project budget.

New CAD System:
-The CAD has been fully configured and is ready for the system freeze.  Intergraph is on-site the first week of September to fully configure Mobile for Public Safety.
-The County has chosen to utilize a commercial data service for the mobile data network.  This change in direction has caused a delay in the cutover for the CAD System.  The County will replace all vehicle radio modems with a public safety grade commercial data modem.  The County will pay for commercial data service on all County-owned Mobile Data Computers (MDCs).  Agencies will be responsible for commercial data service on all company-owned MDCs.
-The schedule for CAD and Mobile Data is awaiting contracting documents with AT&T.  Once a schedule for Mobile Data is finalized we will work with Intergraph to revise the CAD schedule.  While we are waiting for the schedule to be finalized we are developing plans to maintain data in both PRC CAD and Intergraph CAD, as well as how to collect customized fire department responses for inclusion in the Intergraph CAD at cutover.

Public Safety Training Campus:
-Last month we hosted 890 people at 45 events in the Academic Building.  Last month we hosted 12 training sessions in the Tactical Village for a YTD total of 22.
-Manns Woodward expects to have construction bid documents for the Law Enforcement Firing Range completed in September and will be on the Sunshine agenda for October.

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