Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Director's Monthly Report - October, 2016

Telephone Calls - 23,310
Fire Incidents - 860
EMS Incidents - 3,471
Police Incidents - 30,816

Note:  The average police dispatch time, 1 minute and 5 seconds, has been significantly reduced because of the speed in which incidents are displayed to Mobile Data Computers before a unit is assigned.

Voice Radio Project:
-Harris is working on clean-up items related to radio programming and install work.  Second touch programming has begun.  Speaker Microphone replacements will coincide with second touch programming.  Final System Acceptance is expected by the end of the year.

-We are working with AT&T to resolve a tower space issue before moving forward with the Wayne enhancement site.  Harris is working on a preliminary design and cost for West Chester Borough Police.

-We are 44 months (96%) into the 46 month Implementation Phase.  About 99% of the project implementation schedule has been completed.  So far we have spent $37,575,778 (84%) of the $45,000,000 total project budget.

New CADs:
-Reassessment for Fire and EMS Mobile for Public Safety (MPS) has been completed.
-Police MPS reassessment will take place in November.  CADs reassessment will take place in December.
-Challenges with new equipment have slowed the County's Department of Computing and Information Services (DCIS) in implementing redundant internet connectivity for the MPS servers to improve reliability.

Public Safety Training Campus:
-Last month we hosted 3,548 people at 136 events in the Academic Building; and we hosted 66 training sessions in the Tactical Village for a YTD total of 246.
-Basic electrical work and land clearing activities have begun for the Law Enforcement Firing Range.

SE PA Regional Task Force:
-We took delivery of three power packs to provide emergency portable battery power at extended incidents.  One is deployed to the IST, one to Comm1, and one is available for deployment upon request.

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