Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Director's Report for November 2015

Telephone Calls - 22,031
Fire Incidents - 844
EMS Incidents - 3,204
Police Incidents - 29,122

Voice Radio Project:
-The 60-day burn-in period continues with only one minor microwave issue reported.
-Cutover is scheduled for 4 January 2016 with all emergency responders operational on the system scheduled for 21 April 2016
-We are 33 months (87%) into the 38 month Implementation Plan.  About 91% of the project implementation tasks have been completed.  So far we have spent $30.878,545 (69%) of the $45,000,000 total project budget.

New CAD System:
-The CAD has been fully configured.  Configuration continues with the Mobile for Public Safety relating to NCIC and PennDOT.
-Installation continues on the Mobile Data Project.
-The schedule for CAD and Mobile Data is awaiting finalized project schedule with AT&T.  The CAD schedule will be revised once the AT&T schedule is reviewed and approved.

Public Safety Training Campus:
-Preparation continues to release the bid for the firing range construction.
-Last month we hosted 2,621 people at 56 events.
-The Facility was awarded a Fire Industry Equipment Research Organization Honor award.

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