Monday, May 4, 2015

Director's Report, April 2015

Telephone Calls - 22, 172    739 per day
Fire Incidents - 954
EMS Incidents - 3,157
Police Incidents - 28,840

Voice Radio Project:
-Of the 27 tower sites we will be using, we have completed the legal and financial process at 25 sites and have released the sites to Harris for their work to begin.  Sixteen of the RF sites have been fully installed and brought online.  Site construction activities at Chadds Ford have been completed.
-Cutover is scheduled for 1 January 2016 with Final System Acceptance 21 April 2016.
-Radio personality templates are ready for responder input and a series of workshops have been scheduled to assist them in completing their agency-specific portions of these templates.

CAD Project:
-Additional computer servers, storage and memory upgrades were completed.  The terminals for Comm 1 were configured.
-The Harris Radio interface was established and will begin testing in May.  The Knowledge Center interface is in progress.  An updated Mobile for Public Safety (MPS) was received and will be tested in May.
-The new agreed upon cutover date is September 2015 with final project completion estimated for May 2016.

Public Safety Training Campus:
-The remaining work at the Tactical Village involves the control panels for the gas pumps (July) and network connectivity between the Tactical Village and Academic Building (June).  The grand opening of the Tactical Village will take place on 15 May 2015.
-DES, Facilities, and Manns Woodward had an informal meeting with South Coatesville Borough Council officials to review the currant range plans.  Although we are awaiting a geotechnical study, an official meeting has been scheduled with the Borough for 12 May 2015 where we will detail changes to original range design.
-Last month we hosted 2,197 people at 88 events.

-SE PA Regional Task Force:
-The Executive Board met with the five Workgroups to prioritize spending of the FFY2015 Homeland Security Grant.  The FFY2015 Homeland Security Grant application was submitted to PEMA.

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