Monday, March 2, 2015

Chester County Fire Marshal's Office Monthly Report

February 2015

Investigations/Inspections: February: YTD:
Intentional 0 1
Unintentional 20 40
Failure of Equipt or Heat Source 0 0
Act of Nature 0 0
Natural 0 0
Cause Under Investigation 1 2
Undetermined after Investigation 2 4
Total: 23 48

Active Arson Cases 0 0
Fire Inspections Completed 6 9
Juvenile Fire Starters Courses Held 0 0
Fire Services Casualties:

     Fatal 0 0
     Injuries 6 9
Civilian Casualties:

     Fatal 1 1
     Injuries 4 8

Property Type: February February Property Loss:
Assembly 1 $1,000
Healthcare, Dentention, Correction 0 $0
Residential 16 $1,377,500
Mercantile, Business 2 $200,000
Industrial, Utility, Defense, Agricutural, Mining 0 $0
Manufacturing and Processing 0 $0
Storage 1 $2,500
Outside or Special Property 2 $5,000
Other 1 $150,000
Total: 23 $1,736,000

Property Type: YTD: YTD                    Property Loss
Assembly 1 $1,000
Educational 0 $0
Healthcare, Dentention, Correction 0 $0
Residential 38 $4,057,850
Mercantile, Business 4 $400,000
Industrial, Utility, Defense, Agricutural, Mining 0 $0
Manufacturing and Processing 0 $0
Storage 1 $2,500
Outside or Special Property 3 $8,000
Other 1 $150,000
Total: 48 $4,619,350

Generators:  Use Extreme caution while using an Internal Combustion Engine generator. Use according to manufacture recommendations. Never use an internal combustion engine within a building or structure, this would include an attached or unattached garage, or shed. These engines produce Carbon Monoxide while running and will cause sickness and death when inhaled. Remember Carbon Monoxide is colorless and odorless. Your vehicle should not be left running in a garage. Use caution as to the location outside of both your running vehicle and running generator. Make sure that they are far enough away from any opening to the garage or home as not to allow the Carbon Monoxide to enter. Never re-fuel your generator while running or hot. Never re-fuel within a building or garage.

Fireplace Ashes:        VERY IMPORTANT                                                               Fireplace and woodstove ashes when removed should be discarded in a metal container with a lid and placed outside away from the home and any combustible materials. Never put ashes in a paper / plastic bag, cardboard box, or combustible container. Never dispose of ashes in your plastic trash container. Never place discarded ashes in a container on combustible material such as wood or composite deck, mulched area, or in a building including a garage. Fireplace ashes may contain HOT EMBERS for many days after the flames are out. There are numerous destructive house fires caused by improper disposal of fireplace and wood stove ashes every year.

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