Thursday, April 3, 2014

Directors Report for March 2014

Telephone Calls - 21,703 -- 700 per day
Fire Incidents - 869
EMS Incidents - 3.230
Police Incidents - 27,816

The Emergency Operations Center was open for 19 hours over the night of 2/3 March for a potential ice storm that went south of us.

Voice Radio Project:
-Of the 18 tower sites where we will be co-locating, we have completed the legal and financial process at 9 sites have released the sites to Harris for their work to begin.
-Construction has commenced for the new tower at the PSTC.
-Demonstrations for the emergency response organizations of the new portable radios and mobile radios were well received.

CAD System:
-Data and response stream input continues.  Police information is completed.
-Working with Fire and EMS organizations to utilize generic responses to streamline transition.
-Responder input (Police, Fire and EMS) for mobile data configuration continues.

-Construction started at the Tactical Village on 24 March
-We continue to work on the request for proposal for the architect for the Law Enforcement Firing Range.
-Last month we hosted 1,564 people at 65 events.

Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Task Force:
-The 2014 Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) allocation for the region will be about $18 million  Of this, about $1 million will be available for projects for Chester County.

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