Monday, October 7, 2013

Director's Monthly Report - September

Monthly Statistics:

21,858 Telephone calls - 729 per day
804 Fire Incidents
3,226 EMS Incidents
     BLS - 1,533
     ALS - 1,693
Average Fire/EMS dispatch time-1 min. 23 sec.
28,485 Police Incidents
Average Police dispatch time-1 min. 28 sec.

Rebanding:  The cutover to the re-banding frequencies was successfully completed on 25 September.  The next step is to complete the infrastructure re-tuning and then begin the process of validating that the post re-banding system is as good as the pre re-banding system.  The project is on track to be completed in February, 2014.

Voice Radio: We still continue to finalize the interference study for the CDR and to identify a tower location in the Ludwigs Corner area.  Other site development work is progressing smoothly.

CAD:  During September several administrative training sessions were held.  Data maintenance and response stream input training was completed and planning for telecommunicator and responder input for configuration was begun.  As operational questions are raised during the training the group reaches out to the appropriate response organizations or telecommunicators to ensure that the new CAD meets the needs of all involved.  Project still on track for cutover during July 2014.

Paging:  In September ACD Telecom performed testing that confirmed the harmful interference from North Penn School District when the paging system is operated in either the primary microwave or back up radio frequency modes.  A letter was sent to the FCC with this report asking for their plan of action to fix this issue.  Awaiting their answer.

PSTC:  The first meeting with potentional construction bidders for the Tactical Village was held in September.  Bids are due on November 6 with construction to begin in January 2014 and completed by  winter of 2015.  The environmental study for the firing range was completed and submitted to the Federal Transit Authority.  Approval of this study will release $3.7 million of Federal funds for the project.  Last month the Campus hosted 1,241 people at 72 events.

SEPA RTF:  The reorganization of the Task Force is going smoothly.  We still are working with PEMA to transition fiduciary responsibilities form the PHMC to Montgomery County.  During the month of August the Task Force funded 25 Tactical Ballistic Vests for the Northern Chester County ERT and 5 Vests to the Sheriff.

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