Thursday, April 5, 2012

PA APCO had a class on Credentialing

Lindsay Yeager was recently a presenter at PA APCO for "PIV-I/First Responder Authentication Credentialing" along with representatives from PEMA and FEMA.
A discussion on the process of credentialing was outlined. So what happens when you receive a credential? Credentialing occurs when we have validated the qualifications of personnel and assessed their background for authorization. This validation is presented in the form of photo identification and will grant access to an incident, involving mutual aid at the local, state, and nationwide level.
The goal like in any emergency we face is to get the right person, to the right place at the right time. Credentialing will help support early identification in response to mutual aid requests allowing us to accomplish that.
Chester County is always looking for new opportunities to be prepared for disaster. Credentialing is just another way we are achieving this. For more information regarding the project, please visit us at:|.

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